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Here are some of the Gourmet Cheese Detective’s links to other websites and blogs that have useful information about cheese. Some of them are general food sites, but you’ll find them good sources of information and entertainment.

If you have a blog or website you’d like me to link to, and you can link to me in return, just email me through the Contact page.

American Cheese Society

Promotes and supports American cheeses.

British Cheese Board

Describes itself as the voice of British cheese - if British cheese could speak, that is.

California Cheeses

A thorough primer on California cheeses from the Real California Milk website from the California Milk Advisory Board.

The Canada Cheese Man

If you're interested in Canadian cheese, or cheese imported to Canada, or canadian cheese shops... the Canada Cheese Man is your man, definitely!

Claims to be the world’s greatest cheese resource covering over 600 specialty cheeses from 52 countries.

Cheese and Champagne

The perfect pairing in this comprehensive blog/website.

Cheeses from France

Very basic information about 500+ French cheeses, but very comprehensive too.

Cheeses from Spain

Website promoting Spanish cheeses (and they're among my favorite cheeses!)

Cheeses from Switzerland

Everything you wanted to know about Swiss cheese - but only in Canada.

Cheese Matters

Cheese website from an Australian perspective.

Cheese Sculptures

Got to be your favorite link - wonderful, delightful cheese sculptures from Sarah Kaufmann.

Cheese Underground

Long-established and respected Wisconsin cheese blog.

The Cheese Web

Really thorough website by author and world cheese expert Juliet Harbutt.


Promoting Gorgonzola cheese, the website has many recipes and is available in several languages.

Greek Cheeses

A page on a Greek Recipes website, detailing the range of Greek cheeses and showing there's more than just feta cheese in Greece.

I Love Cheese!

From the American Dairy Association, about American cheese makers nationwide. I especially love their interactive maps which will help you track down cheese makers across the USA.

It’s Not You, It’s Brie

A blog by cheese and wine writer Kirstin Jackson, author of “It’s Not You, it’s Brie: Unwrapping America’s Unique Culture of Cheese. ” 

Madame Fromage

The Cheese Courtesan with a very visually attractive cheese blog. Read about her African Cheese Safari.

Mexican and Caribbean Cheeses

This overview of Hispanic cheeses embraces the Caribbean but is predominantly about cheeses you'll find in Mexico and in Mexican dishes.

Serious Cheese

A regularly-updated blog that is, well, serious about cheese.

The Kitchn

Why re-invent the wheel? Here’s is The Kitchn’s list of their Friends in Cheese, their choice of the best cheese resources online.

The Vermont Cheese Council

Everything you ever wanted to know about Vermont cheeses.

The Oregon Cheese Guild

A lot of information if you're curious about cheeses from Oregon State.

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