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Meet the Gourmet Cheese Detective!

This page is literally about usThe Gourmet Cheese Detective is not just one person, but an amalgam of several different people over the course of the past few years.

GourmetCheeseDetective.com was started by an enthusiastic and very knowledgeable caseophile who created this unique website.

Dedicated to the discovery and enjoyment of the world's finest gourmet cheeses (and, of course, their natural counterparts: fine wines, beers, ciders and ales), The Gourmet Cheese Detective was born. With this illustrious beginning an excellent foundation was laid.

The site was then passed to an experienced and very literate world traveler who brought an international perspective to the world of fine fromage.

From jet-setting the globe in search of the world's best cheeses, to in-depth expeditions seeking out queso fino in remote locales, GourmetCheeseDetective.com experienced an expansion of the inquiry into the myriad places where great gourmet cheeses are found and the diverse people who create them.

This added a robust dimension to The Gourmet Cheese Detective's online personna.

Today GourmetCheeseDetective.com is in the hands of an enthusiastic farmstead cheesemaker and owner of a small hobby dairy goat herd. 

Combining a knowledge of the origins, processes and uses of artisan cheeses that result in our favorite delicacies along with a few good (and enthusiastic) friends who each bring their own knowledge, skills, and interests of both the world of gourmet cheese and the universe of the world wide web,  the latest incarnation of The Gourmet Cheese Detective hopes to bring the wonder of gourmet cheese and dairy products to the initiate as well as the aficionado.

Think of The Gourmet Cheese Detective  as your co-conspirator in this great adventure of exploring, and explaining, the breadth and depth of gourmet cheese.

Please join in the investigation; we look forward to sharing the experience with you!

The Gourmet Cheese Detective

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