Cheese Restaurants

Around the world there are several cheese restaurants, whose menus specialise in cheese dishes, including restaurants in France, England, Spain, Australia, Estonia and Thailand.

Cheese Me in Barcelona, Spain

France Cheese Restaurants

In France there are specialist cheese restaurants in Paris, Bordeaux, and Strasbourg. 

Paris: The restaurant Pain, Vin, Fromages, close to the Pompidou Centre, is obviously focused on bread, wine, and cheeses. They have over 30 cheeses to choose from, and a choice of six different fondues, but there are also plenty of meat dishes too.

Bordeaux: The Baud & Millet Restaurant in Bordeax has been in business for over 35 years and serves wine and cheese - with over 100 cheeses to choose from.

Strasbourg: One of the world's biggest cheese boards is at La Cloche à Fromage in Strasbourg. There are over 200 to choose from, and they vary with the seasons. The menu consists of meat and fish dishes cooked with cheese in all kinds of ways.

At La Cloche à Fromage in Strasbourg

England Cheese Restaurants

London: There are two Tasting Cafés at the La Fromagerie cheese shops, which are among the best in London. At their Highbury store they can seat just six people, while in Marylebone there are some large communal tables, smaller tables, and seating at the bar. The menus for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea and cakes aren't solely of cheese but naturally it's prominent, and you can have cheese boards with wine pairings including a Spanish (see below), Italian, or French cheese board.

Lincoln: The Cheese Society Café and Shop seats only 22 people and there's no booking. The menus are regular café menus but naturally there is a great selection of cheeses.

The Spanish Cheese Board on the Menu at La Fromagerie in London

Other Cheese Restaurants Around the World

The St Michael's Cheese Restaurant is the first and so far only restaurant in Estonia devoted to cheese. Main courses include such dishes as Grated salmon fillet rolls with Estonian cheese or Tournedos with Roqueforti  cheese cappuccino.

Cheese Me in Barcelona, Spain, has a wide range of tapas, soups, salads, mains and even desserts all using cheese in some way - both Spanish and international cheeses. If you're not quite such a cheese addict, there is an anti-cheese menu too.

In Sydney, Australia, the multi-award-winning GPO Restaurant is known as Sydney's Temple of Cheese, and their cheese and wine room has over 100 cheeses to pair with over 250 wines

In Bangkok, Thailand, the Millennium Hilton's Flow restaurant has a Cheese Room which offers a bewildering buffet selection of cheeses from around the world.

Finding Cheese and Other Specialist Restaurants

If you click on the website, you'll find an interactive Google map that you can use to find the locations and further details of all of these cheese restaurants - as well as search for any other specialist restaurants you might be interested in such as garlic, eggs, horse-meat, medieval cuisine, and even... animal penises. That one is in China, of course.

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